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With our sturdy, economical and high standard material polyester tablecloths can withstand any heavy-duty events and extensive reuse, our durable polyester tablecloth is an ideal choice to enhance the elegance of your party and banquet tables.  From the extensive array of colors, you can pick the perfect hue to coordinate with your party theme color.

  • Material - 100% Polyester.

  • Color: White. 


  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration.

Round Tablecloth.PNG
Rectangle Tablecloth.PNG

Polyester standard


90"  Round Polyester:   $10.00
108"  Round Polyester: $11.00
120"  Round Polyester: $12.50

6 FT Rectangular Table:

60" x 126" Tablecloth:   $10.00

Round Tables.PNG

4 ft Rectangular Table:

4FT x 2.5FT Tablecloth:  $8.00

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